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Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions is a part of puzzle game series Mahjong. Mahjong is popular puzzle game comes with number of different puzzle game, Mahjong dimension is one of them.

How to Play Mahjong Dimensions?

  1. A 3D Cube is given with number of symbols all over it, goal of a player is to match all the symbol pairs in given amount of time and win the game.
  2. A player is provided with a 3D cube.
  3. Match all the possible pairs (pairs can be matched whose adjacent sides are free).
  4. Use arrows to Rotate if given side matches are completed.
  5. Reshuffle: player can use reshuffle for the shuffling of symbols to make possible matches. This should be used when you are stuck or unable to make any move.

Above mentioned all the points will make you understand that how to start this interesting puzzle game, these points will help you to know about the game and here below you can use your knowledge by playing this game online for free. Explore the different symbols in a cube and match all the pairs given in the dimension in given time and the early you match the pairs the more you win.

Make different strategies and be aware of the given rules and how to play points, this will eventually help you to build up more strategies. Playing online is available down below for free and playing this game will help you more to understand the logic and each time you can improve yourself and build up different strategies to beat your own time. This game will help you to improve your concentration power, playing this game more often will let you be more attentive and play this game with more attentiveness.

Make different matches whose adjacent sides are free and you can also have a preview of side symbol by placing your cursor over it. Additional tiles can be viewed by clicking on the given arrows, moving it in different directions will help you to match all the possible pairs in the given time. The less time you take to solve the puzzle more points will be earned. Always aware of the timer clock, make moves according to it, given time is sufficient all you have to work is to solve the puzzle and earn more points by doing it in less time. Simply when the times comes to an end the game gets over.